why i photograph...

Those are my two boys, above in the photo with me, and they're a large part of the reason I am doing this. I realized quickly how the days may be long, but the years are very short. I believe it is important to preserve the memories of people in all their ages and stages. And as a military spouse, the importance of having photos with ALL the family members in them together means a lot to me - sometimes a selfie just doesn't cut it.

I love photographing people - even ones who don't love having their picture taken... because guess what! I don't like having mine taken, either. I will do everything in my power to make our session as painless as possible (lookin' at you, Dad or husband or boyfriend or teenaged son!). And you MIGHT even have a little bit of fun. I'm pretty darn patient with kids and with kids-at-heart, too.

We are currently located in Fredericksburg, VA and I travel in Northern Virginia for photo sessions. I can help you select a location that will fit both your travel radius and your desired aesthetic.